It’s at the forefront of our minds right now because of the current health situation, but the truth is that cleaning and disinfecting our cars is something we should be doing on a regular basis! Just think about it: how much time do you spend in your Mercedes-Benz? Wouldn’t that time be even more enjoyable if your car was truly clean?

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Just like your chores at home, staying on top of it means it won’t take too long. But, what areas should you pay the most attention to? And, how do you do that without ruining the interior of your Mercedes-Benz? Let’s find out.

First, the basics

The weather is finally starting to turn around and we’ve got plenty of time on our hands now, so we might as well do this right. Before we do anything else, let’s start at the beginning: clean out the trash, put away the clothes and spare jackets, and bring the kiddie cups back into the house. If you’ve got a car seat in the back, now’s also a good time to clean out the crumbs and the forgotten, half-eaten snacks that your little one just had to have. Let’s also vacuum up all the pet hair and dust off all the surfaces. Just like cleaning your house, remember to work from top to bottom so you don’t have to clean any areas multiple times. If we don’t dust first, we risk everything getting stuck when we wash these same places!

High-Touch Areas

After you’ve vacuumed and thrown out the trash, these are the areas that come next. We’ve been hearing about them a lot lately, haven’t we? Typically, this refers to anything that gets touched frequently. In the case of your car, that means the steering wheel, seat belts, shifter, ignition switch, touch/display screen, radio knobs and buttons, door handles, etc.

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You could technically use traditional disinfecting wipes, but those are hard to come by these days, and you’ll risk ruining your vehicle’s lovely interior. If you have car care products that are specifically made for interiors, you could surely use those. However, if you don’t have those on hand (and let’s face it: most of us probably don’t!), then the easiest and most convenient option is to use a mild detergent and water – dish soap is perfect for this job! Just be sure to wring out any excess water first, as this will help prevent accidentally flooding anything important.

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After you’ve gotten the front cleaned, you’ll want to work your way to the backseat and then to rear trunk/cargo area. Remember to pay close attention to buttons, knobs, and any others areas that are touched frequently.

Cleaning your car regularly will help keep it clean and germ free – both from coronavirus and anything else. Of course, the added bonus is that a clean car drives a heck of a lot better, too! ??

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