Matte Paint Care

Matte paint is easily recognizable – the non-reflective finish stands out in a crowd and can be a great way to add a little something extra on to your next vehicle. You may be willing to spend the extra money to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz doesn’t look like anyone else’s, but you’ll want to make sure you clean and wash your vehicle properly to maintain its sharp finish.

First, it’s important to know that while your matte paint requires a different type of care and attention, it’s not really any “more” work.

With matte paint, it’s important to try and avoid scratches or other damage to the paint surface. Because matte paint uses a different type of clear coat, this type of surface cannot be easily corrected or camouflaged. Attempting to fix even a small scratch can change the surface quality of the paint, giving your vehicle an inconsistent appearance.

This is one of the reasons that Mercedes-Benz (and other manufacturers) advise against automatic car washes. The rotating brushes have tough nylon bristles that can cause scratches.


Of course, you also want to avoid any kind of wax or polish. These will change the luster and sheen of your paint, but can also lead to unsightly streaking and unevenness in color.

While our three Mercedes-Benz dealerships are equipped to properly wash your vehicle, we realize that there may be times when you would prefer to do it yourself. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your vehicle in showroom-ready condition.

To help maintain the integrity of your Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-AMG finish, Mercedes-Benz makes a special matte paint care kit. The kit is made of four different products, including a shampoo, quick cleaner, intensive cleaner, and sealant. Mercedes-Benz also makes a separate product, called “dust remover”, which can be used to spot clean bird droppings and tree sap.


Mercedes-Benz recommends using the softest, highest quality microfiber cloths and washing mitts that you can find. It’s also best to wash your vehicle in the shade, which helps prevent water spots and sun damage.

By following the recommended guidelines, you’ll be able to easily maintain your vehicle’s unique finish for years to come. Of course, our sales and service teams have years of experience and will be able to help you with any questions along the way!

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